We have been doing exclusive development & promotion of High Performance Engineering Plastic PEEK (Poly Aryl Ether Ether Ketone) Shapes (Semi-Finished & Finished Products)

    I have 15 years experience in handling of PEEK products in South India and trained at Victrex High-Performance Materials (Shanghai) co. Ltd. We are specialist in PEEK high performance engineering plastic applications.

Reinforced PEEK Grades: 

PEEK with 30% Glass
PEEK with 30% Carbon
PEEK with 10% Carbon+10%Graphite+10%PTFE

Semi Finished Products :

Rods, (Dia from 6mm to 200mm)
Plates, (Thickness from 5mm to 50mm)
Rings, Bushes & Tubes (up to 100mm Long

Finished Products :

Moulded and Machined Parts

Addition to this, We are dealing other high performance engineering plastics semi-finished products (Rods, Plates Rings & Tubes). The name of other high performance engineering plastics which we are dealing has been specified in our website page "Engg. Plastics"

    We are working as agent for multinational  manufacturer of semi finished products for high performance engineering plastics.

    Currently we are supplying to nearly 100s of well established end users in South India and North India. 

Our major supplies to :
    Automotive, Food, Medical, Aerospace, Valve, Electric & Electronics, Government Atomic Power Station, Government  I.I.T Education Centre, Automation, RF Industries.......so on.

Our Sales & Service :
  • We can accept any size and any quantity order.
  • Technical Data sheet and Test certificate will be furnished with material.
  • Technical support for material selection will be provided.


Stock Items:           
2-3 days from P.O received date                             

Non-Stock Items:  
2-3 Weeks from order conformation date

We are looking for your enquiries.

R.K. Chezhiayn Yadav B.Sc.(Chem), M.B.A (Mrkg. & HR)
Shree Krishna Polymers
Chennai-600 057


PEEK-RodsPEEK -Rods (Dia 6mm - 200mm)

PEEK-PlatesPEEK - Plates (Tik 5mm - 50mm)

PEEK - Plates (Tik 5mm - 50mm)


PEEK - Rings(OD.12mm - 200mm)


PEEK - Nuts for HPLC 


PEEK - Tubings for HPLC


PEEK - Heat Shrinks & Hose
 PEEK - Babbin & Vane

PEEK - Tubes (100mm Long)

PEEK - Tubes (100mm Long)
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